So it was my day off today. My grandma just celebrated her 67 birthday I gave her my betta as a gift and I helped set up her lil three gal as aswell she loves tanks as much as I do. I get back home and started on my tank since today is the only day I get to clean my tank and do a water change. I figured how about a 50% change trim the plant all will be good. As I'm preping the hose my wife is running around the house trying to get ready for work and asks if I could get her a lunch ready so I start cooking. Meanwhile, my work calls me and like all smart people I let that shit go to voicemail since I wasn't gonna let them work me another week straight so I play the message it's the dreaded manager he very rudely tells me to 'come into work now!' And hangs up. I'm mad as hell I start to slowly fill my tank up feeling under pressure I burn my wife's lunch. As throwing away the what use to be chicken, I suddenly remember my work texts me this time ' where are you we need you now!' . A mini volcano blew up in my brain I walk over to my tank to up the power on my hose to fill it up faster. I'm looking for my water conditioner in the car in my house I couldn't find it any where. I start to panic. Next thing I know my grandma calls me and tells me I left my stuff at her house she's a thirty minute drive from where I am. I'm furious at my self for being so forgetful. My tank is filling up with regular in conditioned water. I'm looking At my fish to see if they're ok and very body had like stopped swimming ex body was at the top trying to grab some kind of air next thing I knew I loose all my white clouds next my gold barb then my cherry barbs then my bumble bee gobies my full grown Cory cat my Julie cat a fourth gen guppie. I lost around 25 fish. I was devastated I finally had the perfect community and it was all gone in a flash had to leave to work they told me a lot of people called out sick and needed the extra hand. I apologized to my about her lunch and left work it sucked harder that day than any other day. When I get home to my surprise one guppie survived and all my shrimp survived wich is ironic cause those bastards are sensitive to everything. That was the silver lining to it all I moved so e female guppies to the tank to keep the male happy I figured I test the water till it got back to normal eventually I'll get the water conditioners back and I figured I'll keep adding plants to it in the meantime. I'm researching new fish to add to my tank and that's an adventure in itself I hope that never happens again. That was my bad day.

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Comment by LED on September 19, 2014 at 6:39pm

good lord..... what kinda toxic water do you have????


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