Last night was a great night, I went to my local Fish supplier with the idea of purchasing some Rasbora's for my 46 gallon planted tank. I had a 8 dollar credit with the store and they gave me 7 Harlaquines for that credit. I was really please. I acclimated them very slowly over the course of a few hours and then added them to the tank. This morning I was sitting watching them for about 35 minutes or so and I noticed some funny behaviour I have never seen before from any of the previous fish I have owned. Out of the 7 fish, 2 of them broke away from the group and were chasing each other and then they would almost do a little dance together, like hugging almost and then one of them would drag the bottom half of their body along the wire of heater. This whole rig-a-ma-roll went on for about like I said 35 minutes (as long as I could sit and watch) Is this mating? should I be worried or....excited. Did I just watch Fish porn? Would love to read your comments and have your feedback :)

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Comment by ernesto on May 17, 2012 at 1:09am

ima take a guess and say yes they were if u seen both of themm dragging the bottoms on the heater than they were if i wass u i would check the heater for any eggs maybe get a other little tank and put the eggs and wait to see if they hatch and feed fry food but its up too upp cuz idk much about rasbora if they eat the eggs or some research

Comment by Holly (DoomSick) on May 18, 2012 at 10:14am

Thanks for your thoughts Ernesto! I am definitely doing my research and they have been spawning for days. This, I have read is normal and can go on for some time before mating begins. All I have been doing is reading up on them. I guess they love Cryptocoryne and it's native to where they are from as well. My tank has TONES of Crypts in there, this must help them feel more comfortable. :) Thanks Again!


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