So I set up 14 gallon hex tank. I have put my guppies and shrimp in it to breed. 2 male guppies Orange leopard and orange neon and 2 female orange neon and yellow leopard. I also added 3 cherry shrimp. Planted it with something I bought at Pets Unlimited not sure of the name but I will check. I have a small internal filter from walmart in it. I had to put a pantyhose toe over the filter intake to protect the babies from getting sucked in. It's a pain as it keep getting plugged and I need to clean it off a couple times a day to keep the water circulating. To start  I have an old 2 gallon light hood on it with a grow fluorescent in it. Everyone seems to be doing good. I'll add pictures soon.

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Comment by Barb Thompson on April 24, 2012 at 7:54am

Well that didn't take long we now have breeding guppies in the Bubba Gump tank. First 4 found March 1st. another 10 shortly after that now there are about 30-40! I added 3 more Cherry shrimp to the tank because I can never seem to find any. They are there just lost in the plants. Plants are growing good with just fine gravel. I add Plant gro when I change water and salt 1TBS per 5 gallons for the shrimp. Doesn't seem to hurt the plants any.


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