How I cure ich/ick in my planted tank.

Before I start, let me just say that how I cure ich/ick in my tank may work for you or it may not. We all try different things and different meds. What work for me is turning the temp up to 86 (at one time it was at 89 help the ich/ick fall off faster). I add aquarium salt in a 55 gal 5 table spoon. I then feed my fish bloodworms or brine shrimp but I mix it with metronidazole. I do a 10% to 15% water change daily to keep my plants from melting, yes it will melt into nothing. It took me 5 days for the white spot to go away, but still leave the heater on at 86 degree for another two week I left mine on for 4 weeks. After all that I did a 50% water change. I hope this help some of you.

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