So two weeks ago I dirted my 75 gallon. Did the whole drain and fill 6 times, followed by two extra 50 percent water changes. Into week two I still get ice tea water two or three days after a water change. Any idea how long this last? I have drift wood almost a year old now and planted on. How long does new growth start showing significantly? My water wisteria complety rotted black, wtf? Ummm my crypts doing amazing, along with the the anubias nana, but things like my amazon swords and Large amazon swords seem to be rotting at the tips of the leaves? What is that meaning? Melt? My ph is at a steady 7-7.5 with low nitrates and Nitrites. The hardness is about 60 and the carbonate hardness is about 80. I have plenty o Java fern and Trident, along with a couple other things. I dose with Dustins Plant boost and pottas and iron as well as Exel. Do I need to add extra liquad C02?

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Comment by LED on July 9, 2014 at 2:56pm

Youll have "black water" look for quite a long time.  I'd say at least a year. Those are tannins in the water.  They aren't harmful to the tank inhabitants.

New growth growth will start as soon as the plants have a supply of nutrients in terms of course the dirt you put in which supplies macro and micro nutrients, but remember plants need more than that.  They need light and CO2.  Dirt does supply some CO2 but the output does decrease over time.

The wisteria wasnt able to handle the nutrient levels or possible ammonia in the tank.  Do you happen to have fish in the tank?

If you put dirt in the tank, then you shouldnt need any more dosing for maybe a year or so; however you can dose the Excel (the ingredient used for CO2 boost is glutaraldehyde so you can buy something like Metricide 14 day by the gallon and it does the same thing as a cheaper option.  If you have a question about this ask Jetajocky, Me or one of the regulars here).

In some cases you will need to cut back the dying leaves which cannot compensate for the flood of nutrient levels in the tank, but make sure not to cut all the leaves back since they need some leaves to undergo photosynthesis.

I must ask, you stated low nitrates and low nitrites.  What are you levels?  Also did you check your ammonia levels?  If you have these levels post them here.

Comment by Edward White on July 10, 2014 at 2:06pm

Ok I am sorry for the late response, I will def post the levels on here tonight or tommorow. Work has me busy. I do have fish in the tank they went in about two days after the 6 water changes were done and my ammonia died down. Now I have about 20 neons, 3 barbs, 4 fancy tail guppies, about 5 peppered cory cats 1 is a baby, and about Id say 6 slim light gold sucker fish of some kind. I have three piece of Malasian Drift wood. Better yet I will post pic of the tank. Two Aquaion filters A 55 gal and a 20 gal. And one power filter. Now I actually haha followed your Walsted videos to do my dirt tank. So brava on the videos. Where do I buy Metricide? As for my westeria im guessin since it melted and turned black, its not coming back? Im sorry im not new to plants but im new to the affects since the dirt. But no algey


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