Since my wisteria grows extremely fast, i got to the point where i had no where to put the wisteria that i was trimming, so i decided to buy another 10 gallon tank and I DIRTED IT.!!! i bought a bag of organic choice potting mix, no clay though. I also put a thin layer of gravel and a layer of the MIcrolift. The lighting is the same though. I have about 20 ghost shrimp, a small goldfish, and a betta. the plants: i have some wisteria in it (not a lot) i have 2 amazon swords that i got from the runner from my big one, i bought 2 anubias, and i trimmed the ludwigia a bit and put some of that in there as well. It has been setup for about a week, and already i can see some new growth, especially the ludwigia. 

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10 Gallon planted Guppy

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