so heres my dilemna my tanks is already full with clay and sand some plants and fish.

but i want dirt and cant take down the tank is there anyway i can dirt a tank thats full without screwing up the fish or anything

or are theyre other alternatives to dirt

 maybe mud??

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any advice will do thanks!

Well mud is just wet dirt but its best to totally break ur tank down and dirt and recap it. Or u can put dirt in small Capsules and shove them in ur substrate like a dirt tab.

smartest thing ever i like the idea! 

do you know of any thing thats big and will deteriorate

i could put dirt in it!

Nope dont know of anything that big.


You can wrap it in plain (No ink design) paper towels..


This is a terrible idea, more than likely if you try it, your gunna mess up and fuck up your tank. Your best off tearing it down and dirting it. Honestly, dirt isnt even all its cracked up to be...

yes it is. for me at least

I've heard of people freezing dirt wrapped up in coffee filters, and putting it into already full tanks. But your best bet is to do the tear down and start over. The capsule idea is great aswell, but would take alot of effort, and hundreds of capsules 



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