My lfs had some the other day, ive never heard of them and i cant find any info about them anywhere, only one person on here has said hes heard of them, other than that nothing, they were only 6 bucks which also makes me weary of buying them, if they are legit id like to get some for my 29, if not well then i hate my lfs for getting my hopes up... Any info on them at all would be helpful if you can link a site with info on them that would be fantastic.

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Im not sure if this is them and really don't know to much about them but i hope this helps

No thats not them, those are dwarf neons, i bought the ones i saw since i felt i wouldent see them again lol, they look like mini boesemanis, they are only about 2 inches long, they are smaller than my dwarf gourami

Oh ya your right i did find this other one hopefully this is it
Sorry wrong page this should help i hope

its likely a hybrid between the dwarf and the bosmanie i catch my turq, bose, and dwarfs all spawning in one area of the tank so my guess would be its a hybrid

Hmm that could be it, makes me wonder if they can breed? some hybrid animals cant reproduce, that being said i think i have a male and female but i'm not really sure, they are both about the same size but one has a much fatter belly and its colors arent quite as nice, that being said occasionally they look like they are flaring at each other then they will be just schooling like nothing, i would of bought more but there were only 2...

well for bose. mine anyway the female is much less colorful and generally only the male will flare usually going back and forth in front of the female and about them breeding and having offspring im not to sure there fairly closely related so i think they might be able to cant tell you from experience though




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