These are the fish i was thinking about geting but i dont know which can go with which.

 Bown knife fish, black ghost kinfe fish or  angelfish will be the main fish in my tank any ideas?

Red clawed crab, ghost shrimp, gupies, albino cories, mollies and mystery snail are going to be added to the tank with the main fish, but which ones should i get?

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i don't know much about knife fish, but if you go with the angel, it will eventually most likely grow big enough to eat ghost shrimp. But it should get along with all those others you listed. The crab could possibly pinch the long fins, but I have known people who have had them and say that as long as the fish is quick, they won't be hurt by the crab.

I would not put an angel with the snail. Those beautiful antennae are too delicious. You dont mention the size of your tank, but the ghost knife will get quite big. Less is more......




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