Is it a hobby? or is it necessity?
Ok, Face it. If you have and account of this website you're probably into the hobby. But being into fish keeping is different for everybody. Some people are really enthusiastic about their work with their aquariums. Others may look at their aquarium as a piece of furniture. Sad to say, but it is true.

Some people create an account on fishtanktv to get help or advice if they ever need it. But others, "like myself,"  Really enjoy to talk about the hobby with others. This is were fish keeping becomes more than, "tank maintenance" But more along the lines as a topic of discussion or a hobby to be proud of. One who truly enjoys even the simplest of things like cleaning the glass or water changes, is into the hobby. I honestly find it challenging being 18 years old and finding things to talk about with people my own age because of the hobby.

What fish keeping can easily borderline into is a hobby, and any hobby can easily turn into obsession. I myself use to think i was falling into the "multi-tank syndrome". This is the part where hobby can turn into a burden, and into obsession. A fish keeper who may be addicted to the hobby will find themselves thinking about the aquarium before bed, Worrying, loss of sleep or stress because of the aquarium, and most commonly, only talking about the aquarium.

I am not DR. Phil, Don't worry im not diagnosing you. The point of all this, I would like to know how others feel about their aquariums and the work they do involving the aquariums.
I felt myself getting into a deep rut and not being able to make my aquarium "perfect". constantly changing it and modifying it to make things to that state of "perfect"  I would consider completely satisfying. To this day never achieved that type of aquarium. Things about it still bug me from time to time, But I no longer create changes. I find myself having nothing else to talk about other than fish and plants. I would say i am not obsessed, But it is a major hobby of mine.

How do you all feel about your aquariums? Is it a hobby? or is it necessity?

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Necessity. I like having a some odd gallon cube of the Amazon, Ocean, Lake Malawi, a river, or what not, in my house. Plus I can only take so much XBox.

You are the master of the tank; the tank should not be the master over you. ;)

...But yes, I have stayed awake at night in bed just thinking about my aquarium and how to make it nicer or how to start my next tank or what kinds of new fish or plants I want to get and so on... I actually enjoy doing water changes and feeding the fish. I also like to just sit and watch my tank for a long time. It helps me think about life, or it is just fun to check up on the fish/shrimp and just observe their natural behavior.

Over-all, I'd say it is a hobby for me, but in the sense that it is in a way a type of artistic expression. I can live without it, but my life would be less rich, if you know what I mean.




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