So lately alot of people seem to be getting into using LEDs for planted tanks, im setting up a RCS iwagumi soon and was thinking of using LEDs on it,would this light be good for a 10 gallon?

the tank will have a flourite substrate, the plants i want to use so far are rotala indica, dwarf sag, christmas moss, and considering baby tears, not sure what else to use, also i will be making a DIY co2 kit from paintball stuff, heres a link to that for anyone who wants to see it

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no do not use this !!!  thats a CRAP  system.  you need lighting that has leds that are at least 1 watt each. whatever else you want to do in the tank, if you want plants in your tank you must use a better quality fixture.  if not better quality then at least LEDs that are running at 1 watt.  that would normally ensure that you have roughly 50L/watt and at the correct spectrum




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