So i bought 2 otos for this 20 gallon long i set up about a month ago to help out with brown algae, i read brown algae is caused by not having enough light on a tank but i cant see how thats the case for me because ive got two 32 watt lights on a 20 gallon tank the tank is also dirted and decently planted... but anyways after acclimating them they have yet to do anything, 1 of them isnt really very active and sits on the bottom and the other is swimming around and occasionally swims around on the glass as if hes going to start eating the algae but never does he also sits on the bottom of the tank often as well, theres no way they cant be hungry since they always are... the oto i got for my 10 gallon from the moment i put him in he has been eating all the algae in the tank (although i got him awhile ago from a different store), i got the two new ones from a place that has a shit ton of fish so maybe they just arent very healthy, any ideas?

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How long have they been In your tank. If its been more than 2 weeks and they have yet to die they ARE eating your just seeing them when they are taking a break. If its been jus like a week give them time if they haven't died after 2 weeks they are eating and ur just not swing them eat

I bought them today, maybe im just being impatient and expecting them to be like the other oto i have and just start eating all the algae the moment there put in the tank, but i feel like most of the fish for sale at the place i bought them from are retarded or something, some corys i bought there are always swimming against the glass on the right side of the tank, theres a forest of italian val and hydrofilia and caves under driftwood they could hide under and a ton of room for them to look for food laying around but they just swim against the glass...

Lol hey my Cory's did that too well the julil Cory's did was so weird.. I had to add a bunch of plants next to the glass so they stop doing that




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