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My fiancé, Jess, and I are new to the network but already have our hands wet with fish keeping. Now that we have moved we are looking at getting into a planted tank. Seriously looking at the "walstad method" I've seen described and discussed so much.

Our tank is a 55g hex and the ultimate goal, I think, would be blue rams once the system is reliably stable.

I am thinking of blogging my build with pics or video, suggestions regarding dirted tanks would be appreciated as I am still researching and planning the build.

I have materials on the way to me as we live in a small rural town with zero outlets regarding pets.  Substrate mix I'm considering is Miracle-gro organic mixed with red clay and sphagnum, thin layer of fluorite and then a fine gravel topper.

Lighting is the next item for research. Current canopy has only 1 tube and I'm not certain of the wattage at the moment. I am somewhat handy so considering diy mods to the canopy via ballast box or perhaps LED replacement? I do want to keep the budget down on this project though.

We have a list of plants that we like. Still some work to see if they are all compatible enough parameter wise. If that is even an issue.

Will post more specifics later but plants of mention are Hygro difformis, coupla anubias, some ludwigia, with a hemianthus 'cuba' carpet, a sword and a couple other prospects whose names I cannot recall at the moment.


Unsure about fish species. we are thinking about a pair of bristle nose plecos some kind of corys. I would eventually like to have blue rams. We have experience with rams and unfortunately we consistently received stock with cammllanus nemotodes. We would keep them in a sterilized qt for three months sometimes after our first experience with that parasite. These poor rams. Sometimes they would show in a few weeks and die, others would survive longer, medication was successful yet die from gi blockage. Such beautiful fish too. So one day, I will have healthy blue rams. Probably going to have to track down a relatively local breeder... but now I'm rambling.

More to come on a 55g hex walstad build!!!!! Materials arrive in a few days! W00T!! 

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Dirty planted video journal

Posted on July 3, 2013 at 4:19am 0 Comments

The tank is planted. 16 plants went in. Quick video here to start the video dirt diary. Going to shoot a quick video everyday to help track what happens in the first couple of weeks of my first newly dirted tank.

--------------------------------------------Day 2--------------------------------------------------------------------------…


Planting Day!!

Posted on June 23, 2013 at 11:30pm 0 Comments

At long last, my plants have arrived!!

Plants ordered from Aquariums West, Vancouver B.C Canada

Hygrophila Difformis

Hygrophila polysperma (did not arrive)

Hygrophila polysperma rosanervig

Hygrophile corymbosa

Anubias nana

Ludwigia repens

Ludwigia inclinata (decided on inclinata last minute, as the arcuata did not arrive, but the inclinata did and she said it looked great, and it does but I think she also sent inclinata red, will…


Laying down substrate and planning.

Posted on June 19, 2013 at 5:30pm 2 Comments

Quite a lot has happened since my first blog post. I have done more research, acquired my materials and dirted the tank!  (Video/at the bottom)

The Dirt:

I managed to find a "miracle gro organic choice" soil that is .10/.05/.10 on the nitrogen/phosphate/potash. Nice and low where it counts, and no chemical ferts as far as I can tell. Organic ferts most likely poultry so it may leech extra ammonia from what I have discovered. However, I think it is a good dirt. There are no…


Build Beginnings

Posted on May 26, 2013 at 4:00am 4 Comments

This is to be my walstad tank build blog.

My fiancé and I have recently moved and painted and now its time for the aquarium!

I have been doing some digging and have found the "walstad method" which I think has been known in other names for a long time. Anyway, I am intrigued and excited to dirt the tank!

I will be posting pics and perhaps video of the build process, and I have never dirted a tank before so I am open to comments and suggestions. 


I think…


Comment Wall (2 comments)

At 10:58pm on May 27, 2013, JoeGecko said…
Thanks for the comment and good luck with the build! Hit me up anytime for advice or opinions! :)
At 8:49pm on May 28, 2013, Ashley Johnson said…

Hi,and Thanks for the comment:)  I had 4 but lost 2 ,55gallon tank with Ehime 2213 gonna put more picks  just havent gotten aaround to it:)

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