Well my eggs for my discus pair were actually unfertilized and they were eaten. But no worries I know these two will breed again soon. Hopefully next time the male will fertilize them this time.

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Comment by Ronald Last on May 20, 2012 at 6:19pm

I've never had discus. I was wondering if it's common that their eggs don't get fertilized. The nearest species that I've had experience with are angel fish and flag cichlids, and they spawn in such a way that  fertilisation, at least of most of the eggs, seems fairly secure (If there's not too much current (which there wasn't)).

What do you discus people think? 

Comment by Robert Jango on May 21, 2012 at 1:17am

Yeah Sidney, Ronald brings up a good point as usual. 

In my experience with Cichlids (never bred Discus) some of the eggs always get fungused. This could be because those particular eggs didn't get fertilized, like you said, or it could be for other reasons. For example, some of the eggs may just be bad. Or maybe the water has a lot of dead or decaying matter in it - high nitrates. Its also possible the water may not be "right" for hatching Discus eggs. These eggs need soft acidic water. By the way, Did ALL your eggs get fungused? I only saw a few.

Its common for first time cichlid parents to eat their eggs. Sometimes they just get spooked and figure they'd better eat the eggs instead of letting some predator get a free protein meal.

Here's what I recommend for the future:

1) Give over the whole tank to your pair. Take out all the other fish.

2) Invest in some test kits. You'll need a GH test kit, a PH test kit, and kits for ammonia and nitrates. Find out what kind of water you have! A quick tip: Discus love rainwater. And If you live next to a coal burning power plant, (which you probably don't) a charcoal filter should render the rainwater water safe.

3) Its summertime! Feed your Discus live foods. Its easy to get mosquito larvae, small earthworms, bloodworms, daphnia etc. Google it to find out how.

4) Raise your temp to 80. It can even go higher.

5) This next tip isn't critical but get lots of plants. Make your tank look like the Amazon River.

Well I'm sorry Sidney, but thanks for the heads up. I must admit I thought this was gonna happen but I didn't want to jinx you. If it makes you feel any better, my German Blue Rams ate all their eggs last night  - for the 3rd straight time!!!  I'm gonna keep them alone in a 45 gallon with maybe guppies and see what happens. I'm seriously thinking of devoting my 180 gallon to Discus or some Altum Angels. You've inspired me.

Comment by PaducahFishFan on June 3, 2012 at 11:20pm

Sorry about the eggs.  :-(

I've had it happen more than I wish with a breeding pair of German Blue Rams and angels.

The folks that get serious about breeding always have glass bottom tanks and focus on water quality.  When you figure it out let me know cause I'm still working on it as well.

Comment by sok on June 4, 2012 at 5:24am
50 percent water change every day with ro water till they lay eggs them stop when the eggs hatch them water do it every 3 to 4 day some time u need to cover the eggs cos they do eat there baby some time even the eggs is fertilize
Or they get scare this might help u cos that how I did to my fish
Comment by sok on June 4, 2012 at 5:29am
Ohhh ro water make the eggs soft so the eggs get ez to fertilize and water temp is 84
Comment by sok on June 4, 2012 at 5:33am
I put them in 20g just 2 of them no gravel only sponge filter


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