So in my last blog I discussed how I was debating on what I should do in regards to a salt water tank and I have finally made up my mind!

My 55g is going to become a dirt planted tank since my 10g is doing excellent! I am going to make the 29g my salt water tank. I figure it is big enough to keep a nice collection, but not too big or too small to handle. I have been doing a lot of research and asking a lot of questions.

First off I am going to do a deep sand bed about 4" probably half live sand at the bottom then dry sand in the middle topped with crushed coral. I'm going to order about 25lbs of dead rock and seed it with about 4-5lbs of live fiji rock. I'm going to use a HOB filter with a small internal protein skimmer and heater.

After waiting for about a month or two I'll start stocking the tank. I plan to get 3 cardinals, 1 male lyretail anthias, and a filamented flasher wrasse. I'll also put a few corals in to give various coloration especially zooanthids and mushrooms. I will eventually put some cleaners such as shrimp, snails, and crabs.

I am going to go extremely slow to start off since this is going to be an expensive endeavor I would like minimal loss! It's easy to lose a tetra or platy and replace it, but salt water fish are a lot more expensive and harder to come by!!!

I appreciate any input whether negative, positive, or neutral!

Thanks for reading and don't be afraid to talk to me I could use the pointers as well as ideas!

De'Shawn R. Wilson

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