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Back @ IT !!!

........ Dylan Tommy and I'm really enjoying getn back into this hobby after almost a ten-year absence. .... Lots of new info and new players  + FISHTANKTV  is just a "Kick ASS" new idea for aquatic lovers and fish keepers alike!! Thank You !! 

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At 1:28pm on January 20, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…

.... Aquatic Plants I'm currently keeping -


   (Scientific name) 1/20/13

Ceratopteris thalictroides

Echinodorus paniculatus

Anubias Lanceolata

Cabomba caroliniana

Egeria densa

Hygrophila difformis

Rotala rotundifolia

Lemna minor

Spirodela polyrhiza

Taxiphyllum barbieri

Nymphoides aquatica

Sagittaria subulata

Vallisneria americana gigantea

At 5:33pm on January 20, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…

Echinodorus palaefolius var. latifolius

At 11:05pm on January 26, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…

....WOW ... lots of FISHTANK NEWS :

Dirt & Biological Substrate for the 70g.

New plants, location and FRY !!!! for the 20g.

+ Free 10g .....

--- just an update - 

At 8:41pm on January 28, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…

50.8 x 27.9 x 33.0 - 10g DIY background

At 7:57pm on January 30, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…

Trying a new substrate .....anyone ever use it ?? info, experience and advise appreciated......... Thanks

At 7:58pm on January 30, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…
At 8:07pm on January 30, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…

Trying out this NEW substrate Biologically alive for planted aquariums - MICROBLIFT.... tons of macros & micro's,,, Both the 70g and the 20g have been planted for 2 days and so far I'm excited. The initial excess nutrient overload was easily combated with Lemna minor and Hygrophila difformis... and now  the cloudiness is gone....

At 8:14pm on January 30, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…

Spirodela polyrrhiza --- 

At 3:36pm on February 1, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…

--- I'm truly blessed !! Since I've been back into the Aquarist hobby my family has heard nothing but aquarium talk from me . Not only have they been super tolerant but approve, encourage, and support it... so it seems every time my Moms is out doing her shopping she always ends up buying me something for the Tanks.. It's AWESOME !! I am a grown man that gets incredibly excited when (MOMS) says' "oh ya i picked you up something for the aquariums"  It doesn't even matter what it is ... and usually its close or exactly what I would have chosen. The fun and excitement on the drive to my parents house is like Christmas morn. (when your a Kid!) - oh yes I am blessed !! 

At 12:34pm on February 6, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…

CICHLID in PLANTED TANK ??   Yes !!    The trick is to get the tank established with plants first, with a growth rate that is faster than the fish can eat them Once you get that going, you can keep almost anything in a planted tank..+ Adding juvenile cichlids helps too. They acclimate, adjust and become conditioned to live along side plants.  Keep a healthy macro & micro nutrient level so not only the plants can thrive, but to help with algae growth..... " Algae is a good thing in a cichlid tank!"

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Serpae Tetra Breed

Posted on January 6, 2013 at 12:41pm 4 Comments

..The Serpae's are now all fat and showing a considerable amount of spawning behavior (in am)...

The plan was initially to just let the group of eight breed in a school. After some research, I decided that a separate breeding tank would be ideal for rearing the newly hatched fry and decrease the amount of egg eating ...... so I packed the 20 long with moss, cabomba, wisteria and a layer of duckweed on the surface..  I then choose the two…



Posted on December 28, 2012 at 5:42pm 17 Comments

................. It starts like this.... I stopped into my LFS just to kill some TIME because it was on the way to where  I was dropping a long time friend off and kinda wanted to spend an extra couple minutes with him ( with no intention or need to buy anything).... OK so we're there and I'm always looking at the aquatic plants and  it's busy as hell buy the way. Tons of little kids picking out goldfish or whatever and  at first I really didn't care…



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