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Faith-Magdalene Austin

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I'm an  amateur but I love fish and frogs so I get on the net and look up information on how to care for them well. I've got two 60 gallon tanks and 7 Betta tanks ranging from 5 gallons down to 2.5 gallons. My entire dining room is set up as my fish room. It's the most peaceful place in my home. 

I recently started a Rainbowfish aquarium. I've got a school of 11 in a 60 gallon planted tank. The tank is mixed with live and plastic plants. I've got water sprite, java fern and a few others. There are three small pieces of driftwood. I have 2 filters on it that do up to 60 gallons each. I use loose filter media. I've been watching Dustin's YouTube vids for tips on how to better manage my Rainbow tank.

The second 60 gallon tank is tall and holds 5 African-Clawed frogs and 2 medium sized Goldfish. Yes, it is over stocked. Water changes for both tanks are on Sundays at 25%. Water changes for Betta Place is as needed. 

In addition to my love of fish I'm a stay at home artist. I paint abstract expressionism, figurative paintings as well as cubism. I hand sew dolls and dabble in clay just a little bit. All of this can be seen on my art website at

SUNDRIP - Art for Life

Thank you for visiting my fish channel,


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Enjoy the fruits of my labor

Posted on March 9, 2014 at 10:38pm 1 Comment


I used to really enjoy doing different projects with the fish tanks. I was pleased to take in fish from others who needed assistance or to give a fish a home who needed one. But, the last year and a half has been rough, so my thoughts concerning my tanks has changed. I think I'd like to keep a set up without changing it and keep the tanks I have without taking on any projects.  I will let the tanks change naturally of course, but I'm not going to attempt anything…


Time to stop fish aggression

Posted on March 9, 2014 at 10:19pm 0 Comments

I had a beautiful sail fin black molly in with my fish. That boy is big and beautiful but he's aggressive. I wanted so badly to keep him in there and cater to his likes and dislikes. I had to make a decision though, do I keep him in there because he's that big and beautiful or do I continue to let him bully and watch his victims fail to…


My Goldfish "kiss" on the lips several times a day

Posted on August 9, 2013 at 4:52am 2 Comments

Something tells me this isn't just cute behavior. Why do my two goldies kiss on the lips several times a day? It's a 'quick' kiss then they move on but they do it several times a day. They're about 6 inches each in a 90 alone. They've got a good amount of java fern on driftwood. They know how to tear up on some duckweed, but I have a free supply of that from my friend. My main question is this, why the kissing?

Can I use slate/ceramic floor tiles in my aquarium?

Posted on June 14, 2013 at 4:40am 3 Comments

I purchased some ceramic/slate tiles from Lowes and was wondering if they are safe to use in the aquarium. I have several sizes. None of these have ever been used on a floor. They are whole, no broken pieces. Are they safe to use in an aquarium? If one ends up broken is it safe to use?

Are they safe to use whole?

Are they safe to use broken?


Comment Wall (4 comments)

At 4:50am on February 19, 2013, Faith-Magdalene Austin said…

It's coming along very slowly. As a matter of fact I've had to hire some packers to try and get things done before the deadline. I'll get moved though and when I do I'll rebuild the tanks with gusto.


At 2:28am on February 24, 2013, Hard core pokemon gamer said…

I think if you move your furniture without the tanks on them first,then once everything else is settled lower the water in the tanks,take off the electrical stuff out of the tanks and put them in the back seat and be very careful.or for the betta girls if you have the cups they came(which i always do for defrosting blood worms) I would put them in there.

How far away is the move too?

At 12:10pm on April 1, 2013, Dylan Tommy said…

- oh Faith ... Thank You for your beautiful comment !! I first saw it in my Email (inbox) - rather than on FISHTANKtv.. and I'm like WOW ... this woman "gets IT".... gets ME"... I tell you no lies when I say, "I teared up thinking about this small connection". You just know !!.. My fish room is my piece of paradise on earth + YES - Not just a room full of TANKS, but "an experience of peace". so THANKS AGAIN ...I do plan to do some small renovations, but keepn with the same theme. THIS IS MY HEAVEN........FAITH YOU ROCK - Love ya !! 

At 10:29am on April 15, 2013, Faith-Magdalene Austin said…

I didn't see this until now. It's hard to tell when a comment has come in and where. 

Thank you for the response,


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