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<----- Hey! It's Betta here!

Hi everybody! i'm betta; as you can see. I love fishtank'in but sadly right now i'm going through a huge algae problem! i'd really love for some tips and tricks to end this horror. 

I'm open to questions! 

I'm gonna answer as soon as possible if you ask me anything!!

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Top Dwellers?

Posted on September 29, 2013 at 9:28am 7 Comments

Hey everyone, so as you may know from my previous blog posts, i have a huge algae problem. But, theres also a few things that aren't that balanced in my tank other than the water quality. I've got (other than algae eaters) neon tetras, cardinal tetras and some rummy nose tetras in my tank. And i've noticed that they mainly hang out at the bottom of the tank and it just creates a really bad look as if they are crammed at the bottom, but they actually have a whole lot of space above them. like…


Algae eaters.

Posted on September 22, 2013 at 6:30am 11 Comments

So, because of my huge algae problem (my previous blog post, check it out need help!) i bought 6 otto catfish for my 17.5 gallon (66 liters). they are really helping, but just in one spot, they bottom right hand corner of my glass. what do i do to make them spread out to clean all over. they don't seem to be munching at the algae. just sticking on the glass. not taking care of the huge algae pieces. ANY TIPS?

Huge algae problem

Posted on September 1, 2013 at 6:57am 9 Comments

So it's been a couple of months since i've had this enormous amount of green filamentous algae in my tank and it's really gotten to me. It's everywhere :plants, rocks, wood, glass, tubes, snails. i REALLY NEED SOME HELP ON GETTING RID OF IT!

So i've got a 17.5 gallon tank, heavily planted, not too crowded fish wise. I'm using the EHEIM professional 3 filter and dosing daily Co2 (my ADA cO2 advanced system now has a problem so i am barely dosing any now any tips?)  I dose a fertiliser…



Posted on February 18, 2013 at 7:30am 7 Comments

OK. so I ordered an ADA 60p tank like 2 weeks ago, and It's coming this week. It's 17.5 gallons, 66 liters. I am super excited but right now, in my 5 gal tank, i have 12 neons, 1 betta, 1 ghost shrimp, 4 cory cats. In my new tank though I can have SOOO many more fish. So im not really intersted in anything too big. Betta size is the beggest ill go for.. I  was thinking about these: baloon pristella, scarlet bandis, siamese algae eater, otocinclus, amano shrimp, sakura…


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Comment Wall (7 comments)

At 4:02pm on October 22, 2012, Bruce said…

no the tank is fake plants but taken them out and now starting live.  just the only pic i have right now i'll change if once some plants are in

At 9:17pm on October 22, 2012, Austin Graystone said…

Thx for saying you like my tank and ya its freshwater 

At 7:25am on October 24, 2012, Matt said…


At 12:40am on November 5, 2012, Taylor Davis said…

Thank you :)

At 3:21pm on November 25, 2012, Jerry said…

thanks... your tank look nice too....

At 10:32am on September 1, 2013, David Lucchesi said…

Nice looking tank and betta hope you get your algae problem under control.

At 1:40pm on October 5, 2013, TeamKRF said…

noticed algae build up around co2 diffuser, but also thought i saw your plant release oxygen too.  What im getting at is try using a power head to suck up co2 to dispurse throughout tank more evenly, the lower in the water column you can get it the better. (top fin makes a power-head that you can directly hook an airline tube to, c02 in this case, that will send through the propeller to chew up bubbles like a diffuser would and i would suggest putting a fluval cylinder sponge to help small things like snails, plant particles, baby fry from getting sucked up and would also will help store beneficial biological organisms.)  

just an algae thought... 

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